Kodeco go live with RFgen system integration to SAP


Kodeco Energy Co., Ltd., the operator of the West Madura Production Sharing Contract (PSC) in today have start going live with the Barcode System using RFgen as the integration tools to its core SAP system. The system was implemented in about 2 months time, from kick off, requirement analysis, training and test to go live.

The system is applied to warehouse activities for all goods movements (GoodsReceive, Goods Issue, Transfer Posting) and Physical Inventory or Cyclic Count activities.

Below are the advantages by using this new barcode system:

  • Simplification and automation of manual entry in warehouse operation
  • Easier and faster data entry
  • Real time process
  • Mobile transaction posting to SAP system using mobile barcode scanner devices
  • Data posting accuracy significantly improved
  • Reduce error in warehouse-related SAP transaction postings
  • Just in time material tracking
  • Cuts down of time requires compare to desktop's application
  • More items coverage in Physical Inventory or Cycle Count Activities


Kodeco Energy Co., Ltd
RFgen & Kreatif Global
Kodeco Energy Co., Ltd

Kodeco Energy Co., Ltd. is the operator of the West Madura Production Sharing Contract (PSC) in Indonesia and is engaged in oil and natural gas exploration and exploitation. Korea Development Co., Ltd., a sister company of Kodeco Energy, is the operator of the Poleng Technical Assistance Agreement (TAC) established in1993. It is located next to the PSC contract area.

RFgen & Kreatif Global

RFgen from Datamax, Sacramento, California, US based company is a SAP, Oracle, JDEdwards and Microsoft Dynamics certified RFID, barcode scanning and mobile application integration tool. RFgen is a world leader in AIDC (Automatic Integration and Data Solution) system. Kreatif Global is a premier partner of RFgen in Indonesia and regional Asiacountries.