Kreatif Global has been delivering Oracle JDEdwards solutions since 1998 with customers spread over 10 countries in the region.



Built for the IBM iSeries platform, Oracle’s JD Edwards World delivers the same advanced functionality available to larger enterprises, not a stripped down version of a larger solution.

Only JD Edwards World offers greater than 99 percent software quality and 99.7 percent system availability.

JD Edwards World gives customers affordable up front price with no hidden costs over time.

Oracle JDEDwards World is #1 on IBM iSeries Platform.  Built on a 30-year partnership, JD Edwards World has the largest installed base for the IBM iSeries. Reliable and stable software requires infrequent software updates.

With JD Edwards World, your technology investment is protected with a comprehensive, well-defined product roadmap, backed with Oracle’s Lifetime Support and Applications Unlimited policies.



Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is an integrated applications suite of comprehensive enterprise resource planning software that combines business value, standards-based technology, and deep industry experience into a business solution with a low total cost of ownership.

Only JD Edwards EnterpriseOne offers you a choice of databases, operating systems, and hardware so you can build and expand your IT solution to meet business requirements.

Only Oracle offers 70 JD Edwards EnterpriseOne application modules to support a diverse set of business operations.

With JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, your technology investment is protected with a comprehensive, well-defined product road map, backed with Oracle’s Lifetime Support and Applications Unlimited program.

All financial processes across all applications are integrated into a single database and link seamlessly with all other JD Edwards EnterpriseOne solutions. 

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne grows and expands with your business, thanks to its underlying architecture. Flexible and scalable, its toolset design is built with open standards.

Customer and partner information portal provides you with a single entry point to access documentation, training, and other useful information.

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